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Dragon Con 2016! Fri, 19 Aug 2016 19:50:28 +0000 Read More...


I wanna be, where the cool nerds are

I wanna see, wanna see cosplaying

Walking around with those (what’s that word again?)

Oh! Daleks!


I’m very excited to say I’ll be heading to Atlanta this year to be on the Dragon Con Science Track for the second time. The first time was a BLAST. It was fantastic to talk about science and fantasy and sci fi with people just as excited as I was. And the costumes! I was hugely impressed with the talent on display.

I’m even more excited for this year!


This year I’ll be there again, this time with my fabulous colleague Tina Saey! We will be talking Harry Potter genetics, CRISPR, head transplants, Brandon Sanderson’s neat plants and why flibanserin is such a flop. The schedule is below. So drop by, say hi, and get some science with your sci fi!

Friday 9/2

Scientific Fantasy Novels
N.K. Jemisin used real-world geology as a foundation for her fantasy novel “The Fifth Season,” while geologists have figured out Westeros’s geological ages. Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy is filled with info about transitional ecosystems. Let’s explore how science appears in fantasy.
Mika McKinnon, Scicurious, Pamela Gay (M)

The Year in Science
Marriott A601-A602
Keeping up with science news is a Titanic feat. You barely scrape the surface and suddenly you’re drowning. Panelists discuss this year’s best stories, with a twist: every ten minutes, when the bell sounds, one panelist leaves and another enters. See how much they can cover before the bell rings!
Pamela Gay, Stephen Granade, Scicurious, Jeff Hubbs, Kishore Hari, Erin Macdonald

The Quantified Vagina
Hilton Grand Salon East
It’s 2016, and we have a bluetooth tampon, “Female Viagra,” and Fitbits tracking our sleep. But does science back these up? Ask your anonymous sex and health questions in this raucous late-night panel.
Emily Finke, Raychelle Burks, AB Kovacs, Ryan Consell, Scicurious, Stephen Granade (M)

Saturday 9/3

Personalized Medicine, Organoids, and Other Medical Frontiers
Medicine is changing all the time, from antibiotics losing their effectiveness to the dropping cost of medical testing. What will medicine look like in the coming decades?
Jessica Cail, Brandon Moore, Scicurious, Tedd Roberts, Tina Saey, Yin-Yin Wang (M)

Sunday 9/4

Genetics in Science Fictional Settings
From the X-Men and the Inhumans to Orphan Black to the wizarding gene in Harry Potter, genetics shows up in many fictional worlds. We’ll dive into how fictional genetics are different from real-world genetics.
Eric Spana, Scicurious, Tina Saey, Gregory Pence


Sci’s Coffee-Sipping Round Up #35 Fri, 29 Jul 2016 23:20:15 +0000 Read More...

It’s the dead of summer. But science doesn’t stop when the heat index gets over 100! No! Science just tells you to stay hydrated. Coffee will do.

need coffee

Monday July 18

Tuesday, July 19

Wednesday, July 20

Thursday, July 20

Friday, July 22

Monday, July 25

Tuesday, July 26

Wednesday, July 27

Friday, July 29

Sci’s Coffee-sipping roundup, #34 Tue, 05 Jul 2016 13:29:45 +0000 Read More...

Happy post July 4th hangover! How do you all feel?

coffee pour

It’s ok, it’ll get better.






Using imaging to catch mechanical People add extra MOTORS to their bikes!

Is “working at night” a red flag for misconduct? @Neuro_Skeptic notes working hours may

Does brand still matter when it comes to trust in Journalism? be interesting to breakdown results by age.

What is gender? In the Olympics, that’s not an academic question. @cragcrest on the new regulations.

A new plastic makes shampoo slide, so you don’t have to throw out that mostly empty bottle.

Fighting the motion sickness of virtual reality. Wonder if it could work for games? It’s why I can’t play. 🙁

What’s fascinating about the FDA warning against raw baked goods is that it’s not eggs, it’s FLOUR!…

Many thanks to @docfreeride @rocza for help with this post: Why we humanize animals. It’s not bad!


Quench a thirst with milk: even more hydrating than water., I hate milk.

Everybody “wants” interdisciplinary research, but no one wants to pay for

Today in the annals of “we all think we could do X better than the people currently doing it” #Rationalia

The battle against

Want to hear about climate change? Check out a new podcast called “Warm regards” with @JacquelynGill

Osprey “momzillas,” baby bison, gorillas and podium birds. Why we humanize animal actions. From me.

Tiny cages make for sluggish rats. Glad to see studies on this.

The NIH funding model basically ensures that science moves forward in baby steps, not leaps.


Sci’s Coffee-Sipping Round up, #33 Mon, 27 Jun 2016 18:48:06 +0000 Read More...

It’s been a while. I would say this is because I’ve been out of coffee, but I’d be lying.

What I HAVE been doing? Well first I was at an environmental hands-on course at Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory. I was hands on and boots in the mud learning about nitrogen cycling in salt marshes. And since then…well I have no excuse.

But we’re back. Have some links. And some coffee.

coffee fistbump


Every “Dory” sold in shops was caught from the wild. With cyanide. @SarahZielinski

The power of habit. People hooked on cocaine are more likely to stick to other habits, too. by@lssciencenews

How juice companies game science to perpetuate the myth that cranberry prevents UTIs.

“for over a century, zoologists misplaced the most scientifically significant gray seal of all time.” rom@Laelaps

When will then be now? Wormholes! This week’s word.

Movement guidelines, what are they good for…and do kids care?

For memory, try working out 4 hours after learning. Guess I’ll be at a constant jog

Bagged ice may have bacterial hitchhikers. Aieeeee.


What’s more slothful than a 2-toed sloth? … a 3-toed sloth. by@SarahZielinski

Love it! Interview with Finding Dory’s science advisor.

New from me. Teens finding a wormy solution to a plastic 4 kids. 4 different results. Science is tough.

Building a soil immune system. By@carlzimmer

“It’s the Fake Geek Girl all over again. Oh, you’re wearing a NASA jumpsuit? Name your favorite five astronauts.”

Now I want a NASA jumpsuit. I have never wanted to wear a jumpsuit before. I do now.

when your show called “Venom hunters” can’t get real venom From @NerdyChristie

Hand sanitizer? Not quicker than a hand wash. Rub 30 seconds.

A new citizen science project needs YOU to wear tiny bits of fabric places. For microbes! I am so in.


The divide between rich and poor, shown by what we eat.

New from me. Did you know termites will follow an ink pen line? A teen used it for…termite termination.

Mealworms eat plastic, and teens are determined to get them to eat us out of our pollution problem.

NIH may be cutting funding to model organism databases. Not good. Many researchers live by those

Studying microaggressions. Subtle aggressions, subtle movements, important effects.

The immune systems of men and women respond very differently to infection — and scientists are taking

Mongooses pile on warthogs, to feat on their delicious ticks. @jgold85

Love this. The critical question: CAN giraffes SWIM? But also…how silly do they look doing it?


The trouble with high tech prosthetics? People have to USE

Students calculate the best and worst-equipped superheroes. Ouch,

A teen used pen ink to lure termites to their DOOM.

What are we going to do with all these neuro PhDs? “If we’re are losing them” If?! If?!

Newborn mouse brains have to “learn” to feed themselves. by@lssciencenews

Traffic wouldn’t be so bad if we all just could behave like ants.

Why is biomedical science so…conservative? = less risk.

If coffee is “the whole thing” to being Bill Nye, I am TOTALLY on track to be the next@BillNye


Why national park maps are just so awesome.

Feds approve first CRISPR use in

As the Arctic warms, polar bears come ashore.

Cancer’s contagious, if you’re a clam. Now one of 8 transmissible by @edyong209

In ocytocin we trust? @sarcastic_f highlights four new, complicated

Does anonymity mean aggression in comments? A new study says not by @Neuro_Skeptic

Women Scientists with Feminine Appearance are Deemed Less Likely to be Scientists >:(

Stigma isn’t gone. @sethmnookin writes about his experiences after writing about pain treatment and


Sci’s Coffee-Sipping Round-up #32 Sat, 07 May 2016 12:45:23 +0000 Read More...

To start, I got a new science shirt! It’s from Artologica, who does lovely science-themed art, and now you can WEAR IT.

neuron shirt

Don’t worry, I’ve also got coffee. Coffee: The official sponsor of SCIENCE.


Publishers are worried about Sci-Hub…and everyone is already using

Why aren’t there more scientists? $$ With @HopeJahren But note, results-driven sci is “the real deal” too. 🙂

Help create a new science video series for kids. Asking nicely for @scicurious at Eureka! Lab.

Links from last week! Peacock twerking. Microbes. Caffeine in

I stuck my head in a bucket of ice water for science. I need your help to make science videos!

Only a successful person can afford to be honest enough to have a CV of

This week’s word: Vector. When you have a cold, please don’t sneeze on me. 🙂

Slate attacks Science’s defense of the paywall system.

Yeah a weasel shut down the LHC on Friday. Ok, it’s an EX-weasel, which is why you don’t chew on power lines, kids!


Civet poop coffee, is expensive…but it’s not humanely made.

The new @Laelaps is live at Sci Am! Making a…splash…with prehistoric puke. Yum.

So culprit that shut down the #LHC is NOT a weasel. It’s a marten. May not have chewed things? via @cosmos4u @CERN

Hey it looks like @joesbigidea is doing a reddit AMA today! Go ask him questions. 🙂

Scientists hit pay dirt in drilling of dinosaur-killing impact

Measuring how women fare in science by how many papers they

The first American climate refugees.

Where did sudafed come from? Plants!


The word of the day cerumen: earwax! More on the substance that isn’t wax at all by @jgold85

“We would have paid her the same if she weighed 500 pounds” Even for writers, weight matters.

Makers of Oxycontin are trying to block @statnews from seeing their pill marketing records.

The locks on gun science. Records for guns used in crimes still have to be stored in hardcopy.

From me: What’s this crowdfunding campaign I’m talking about? Check it out! Spread the word!

When it comes to Theranos, the tech media did not ask tough questions. Basically, no one did.

TIL there are elite tug of war players…and they get caught doping. @cragcrest

Love this older piece from @rjallain on how R2D2 flies. Wrong.


Training in sexual harassment may make it worse. What happens when orgs are primarily concerned with

#Zika is likely to become a fact of life in the US. Hopefully we get a vaccine before then. by @marynmck

There are colors we’ve NEVER seen on a screen. Because the technology isn’t there yet. Fascinating!

A good primer on Theranos and what’s going on. Includes things like what Theranos was supposed to

“Bleached” flour may SOUND creepy. But it’s not, it’s an important chemical ingredient in the perfect

What that weight loss study really says? Cancel the Biggest Loser already, says @DrJenGunter

What’s trending on Facebook isn’t what’s…trending. When Facebook hired journalists.

The congressional fight over #Zikafunding is actually about a disease slush fund. One that we need.


HIT workouts can be good for you, but they aren’t cure-alls. my HIT piece:

Superficial coverage of medical errors could leave erroneous impression with readers.

Could be a breakdown product, and not ketamine itself, that is the antidepressant. Bet R&D will be VERY interested.

This ep of @sci4thepeople you can hear me talk to @AstroKatie about gravitational waves. My head explodes 10 min in.

Don’t stop at a demo! Help us fund a video series with real experiments! $4K raised so far!

In which @edyong209 ranks every episode of Attenborough’s “Life”

Sci’s Coffee-sipping Round-up #31 Sat, 30 Apr 2016 12:19:44 +0000 Read More...

…the title of these posts has more than the usual number of dashes.

This week: I’m doing a Crowd-funding campaign!! Help me out!

Also, some thoughts on a retracted study about microbiomes and obesity. And coffee. Always coffee.

coffee owl


I want to create a sci video series making demos into experiments. But I need your help!

Yes! Loads of science videos explain concepts. Loads more do explainers. But I want to do EXPERIMENTS. Explaining why you need to do a test over and over, running the statistics, making the graphs. All of it! I want to give students the tools they need to answer their OWN scientific questions. And I can do it all with stuff that you can buy from the grocery store. But to make the series, I need YOUR HELP. Please help fund us! 10% there already!

Loved this @sci4thepeople ep, a panel (and polite cage-match) on evolutionary psych!

An overview of the health at every size movement. Impt to note what it actually IS.

Journalism is partnering with industry now more than ever. What does that mean? @undarkmagexplores.

The people who rehab SLOTHS. Bonus loads of sloth pics!

ICYMI: Teachers see a golden opportunity in the foldscope. I’ve got one! Can’t wait to test with it. 🙂

This week’s word…is frequently used. Frequency.

New from me! About uncertainty, and how it’s stressful. Sometimes, but sometimes not? AUGH this is stressing me out.


From @sci4thepeople , how the military has influenced the food we eat. Really cool, want to read the book

We waste a LOT of food. How do we stop? Better labels, and maybe acceptance of fruit that’s not so

This week, we asked some of the#SciBloggingGuide authors for social media advice! on @Open_Notebook

Stranded whales with stomachs full of plastic. Not stranded because of the plastic, but yikes.

From me! This is why we haaaaaate uncertainty.

Pain in the brain? Not quite what we thought. by @JenLucPiquant

What do an RFID chip and an IUD have in common? More than you might think. By @roseveleth

Are there still long-beaked echidnas in Australia? To find out, we need MORE POOP, says


Whoa. Studying showing microbiome from obese rats makes skinny rats fat retracted for fraud.

BUT there’s an important note to be made:

NOTE, study that was retracted on fat/thin mouse microbiota? NOT the only study on that. Others in mice and humans show similar…

For example, in twins where one is obese and one is not, transferred to…

Another example in… Basically, other studies have found this effect.

One case of fraud doesn’t kill a whole area of study. This particular study wasn’t even a big…

I was mostly struck by the scale of the fraud involved. Three whole figures is a lot.

“The excretion of caffeine in the semen of men…” WHY have I never come across this piece of genius before!

Important tips for avoiding p value potholes. Bookmarking. @hildabast

The dangers of When people are on so many pills, we’ve got to know them ALL.

On @Open_Notebook, we hear from the#SciBloggingBook authors on how they use social media.

In which I delve into the neuroscience of stress. And in which people get shocked on the hand for science. A

Medical scribes, people who follow around doctors typing everything they say. Sounds exhausting.

Working directly with the Navajo nation to influence healthcare. Note outreach efforts, community


Chiffon virus tops!! I think I need From @artologica

Hookworm: The worm that gave the South a bad name. by @RachelNuwer

I want to create a science video series with real experiments anyone can do! Help me out, please! 🙂

Science hasn’t yet proven that dogs hate hugs. by @RachelFeltmanMaybe don’t squeeze em though.

Can melatonin help you sleep? It depends. Good explanation of pros and cons.

How did the ancestors of birds survive the dino apocalypse? Seeds, explains @Laelaps

Scis made a map of words in the brain. But, well, we still can’t really READ


Exercise is great! But not necessarily great for weight loss. Good explainer by @juliaoftoronto

More info on the study linking fecal transplants to obesity that was From @RetractionWatch

Male peacocks twerk. You are

Sometimes debunkers need I’ll admit it was a confusing read pre-coffee.

Clinical trials are still very white. Tuskegee (yes, that one) is trying to change it. from @undarkmag

Even massive studies haven’t yet clarified the bacteria in our gut. by @edyong209

The brain has a funny way of waking you up (and putting you to sleep). Isn’t it ionic? best pun, @thsaey

Dogs are sniffing out whale poop. For SCIENCE.


Sci’s Coffee-sipping round-up #30 Sat, 23 Apr 2016 12:25:52 +0000 Read More...

In which I opine that no, actually, not EVERYONE should be able to explain quantum computing like Trudeau (though that was cool).

But first, the essentials:

colbert coffee


“I’m tired of logging into Twitter or Facebook just to dodge rape and death threats in response to my articles”

Congress is stymieing efforts to combat

Why preprints in physics…but not in biology? I’ve always wondered. by @AnnaNowo


It’s #Alienweek at @ScienceNews and we are ready to NERD OUT. But would we know an alien if we saw it?

This week’s word: Yottawatt! It’s…a lot of watts. a Lot a LOT of watts.

this guy thinks we can find the origin of the obesity epidemic with a few more I worry abt false positives.

Really great points from @FiveThirtyEight about how journalists’ experience biases how we cover college.

Fascinating piece about the origin of moderation in the wild west of the

Miss my links last week? I’ve got you (and me) covered. cuckoldry, lionfish and impt thoughts from @JacquelynGill

Can cows benefit from some probiotics? Interesting thought!

Congrats to @kathrynschulz on a Pulizer for her Cascadia earthquake piece…which will make you shake.


Are you smarter than a slime mold? Cool video on a cool critter by

And a rant from me: 

Based on this: Justin Trudeau and quantum computing: when social media shapes Apparently there are people out there who think that EVERYONE should be able to understand quantum computing and explain it. Because that…benefits us all somehow.

Today, I think we need a reminder of what you all “should” be… (1/n)

“I realized the people telling me to read specific lists of books were people interested in upholding the status quo. People who were invested in the current lists of “What Makes you look Smart,” because they had already ticked off those lists. Most of these people were not smarter than I was. Most were not better educated. Most were not even interesting people.

They were merely people interested in telling me how to be more like them. People who wanted to tell me unless I did what they did, read what they read, I was deficient somehow. That in some way, my gaps in this huge list of books made me lacking, less able to be successful, less understanding of human nature or of culture.”

This is also how I feel about whether or not a politician “should” be able to give a 100% accurate description of quantum phyiscs (2/n)

Should people know there’s such a thing as quantum computing? Sure. 3/n

Should they develop a basic understanding of quantum computing if they need to develop policy based on it? yes. (4/n)

But should we be saying EVERYONE should know and love and explain quantum computing or we are all ill educated? NO. (5/n)

There are different ways to be “educated” and different things that interest us and make us passionate. That’s ok! (6/n)

Let’s not shame people for what they don’t know or what they “should” know. Let’s inspire passion and interest and curiosity.


Think the replication crisis in psychology is cringe-worthy? Try biomed.

Even the tiniest things can impact your science. For example, if your lab mice are COLD.

Cutting down the immune system to save people from snake bite. New from @NerdyChristie

Is crowdfunding the best way for #Zikaresearch? Interesting. Are these funds are subject to overhead at unis?

Why nerd culture is sexist.

To find ET, maybe we should be looking for who can see us. Cool! by @CosmicThespian#AlienWeek #DrawET


TIL there’s a global anti-venom shortage. And synthetic biology can fight it.

This week is #alienweek at sciencenews! We get to #drawET. I vote for this: a marsigrade!

Love this. An important PSA on three easy ways to read less nonsense.

There are not only perils to keeping mice cold…but to keeping them too by @thsaey

Ain’t no party like a deep-sea crab party because a deep-sea crab party don’t stop! DEEP SEA CRAB PARTY.

HERE THAR BE DRAGONS. And here? Is Florida. By @edyong209 on the monitor lizard invasion.

Science teachers are eyeing an origami microscope, and seeing a golden

Journalism has an editing It’s hard when people have no idea what’s going on behind the page.

You don’t need to juice detox, and the NYT is ON IT. My piece from Love your liver!


.@cragcrest has a new regular column on science and sports! On the aches of runners, cheating & more.

The CDC knows where Haiti’s cholera outbreak began. It’s just not

Does a honeybee have a concept of “I”? It’s a tough question.

“Binturongs smell like popcorn. Or popcorn smells like binturongs. I guess it depends on your perspective.” @Laelaps

My favorite “what if” so far: Can you get a bird to deliver a pizza to your plane?

“There’s a little too much wishful thinking about mindfulness” from @AnnaNowo


TEMPER TANTRUM SCIENCE. by @lssciencenews

Sci’s Coffee-Sipping round-up #29 Sat, 16 Apr 2016 12:56:48 +0000 Read More...

Let’s get to it.

coffee owl


Blame the mailman? Less likely than you think, explains

So excited for this @sci4thepeopleepisode on how the military influenced…our FOOD!

A conversation with @HopeJahren“Science is desperate. It needs to believe itself honorable.”

These heads were built for ramming, and that’s just what they’ll do… @SarahZielinski on sperm whale

10 years since “An Inconvenient Truth” Where are we now? By @SumnerScienceMake sure to look at tabs on the top!

How do you test how much drug gets into a pregnant woman without…testing the woman? Modeling! by @Ilovebraaains

Cutting off stress-induced depression before it starts. Studies in lab mice with ketamine. by @KatieMCollette

Next time you say “I have a theory…” you probably DON’T. Great explanation of the misconception. by @carlzimmer


We probably cannot eat our way out of the lionfish problem. 🙁

By @BethMarieMole, stop buying soaps w/triclosan. Here are ALL THE REASONS WHY.

Sugar isn’t great. We’ve known that for a while. Here’s why people focused on Human side of science is ugly.

AND NOW: An important aside from @JaquelynGill

I just got yet another invitation to a webinar on responding to harassment. When are we going to start offering workshops for harassers?

Where are the workshops teaching them what harassment is, how to avoid it, and what to do if they experience inappropriate feelings?

Where are the workshops for chairs, administrators, deans, and Title IX coordinators on reporter-centered handling of harassment cases?

Where are the workshops on creating a lab, departmental, field, and disciplinary culture that discourages harassment?

When are we going to start approaching harassment as something preventable, rather than something to train women to react to?

When are we going to ask men to do their fair share of the emotional heavy lifting involved in dealing with harassment culture?

When are we going to start talking about harassment as something that happens to more than just white, heterosexual, cis-gender women?

Is there even one anti-harassment workshop led for men, by men? Why not? You want to be an ally? Start there.

Harassment. Will. Not. Stop. If. You. Only. Talk. To. Women. About. Harassment.

Soylent is slimfast, but for BOYS. How food tech is men rebranding what women have been doing for

How reporters use Facebook and Twitter, by @ShipLives wld be esp interesting to see comparison with everyone else.

The subtle ways gender gaps persist in science.

How does chocolate cover a bonbon so evenly? Fluid dynamics. Delicious fluid dynamics

Commenters are jerks to women and POC, & the Guardian is on it. As @roseveleth says, when will ppl do something?


I wish I’d had these in school! Sewable circuits! Might have to get some. For SCIENCE.

Genetic Xmen may walk among us, resistant to deadly mutations. But then again, maybe they don’t? by @thsaey

Getting rats to vape THC under conditions more like those in by @KatieMCollette

The proteins that can make cancer cells move. by @Ilovebraaains

An @ACSReactions video on the delicious delicious science of mmmmmm.

When there are hundreds of authors on a paper, what does scientific authorship mean? from @RetractionWatch

An appropriate episode from @Gastropodcast on a day when I need my coffee… listening to caffeine!

In which @carlzimmer‘s daughter does a science fair project, and he realizes how much parental involvement it


Did you know we lost millions of turkeys last year to flu? Did you know it could happen again? By

As greenhouse gases increase, bee pollen is beecoming bee junk by @susanmilius

Everything that’s gone wrong with selling a women’s libido pill (so far)

Trade animal fats for vegetable fats? The question still isn’t settled. Good points here on a new/old study.

A neat new study on how things go I wonder what its metrics will be. 🙂

“Women may keep our colleges running but the American university is still an old boys’ club.”

Scientists have studied how the whales got their song. By

There’s a quiet hierarchy to mental illnesses. Important points

The marketing of


Hey my voice memo about data-tracking got on the end of @roseveleth‘s pet-free future podcast! Love this ep, too.

“science doesn’t have to be complicated and resource-intensive.” Esp science for kids. From @orzelc

After a retraction for fake data, other sci’s re-did the study and found…the hypothesis was correct after

The dubious promise of anti-rape technology.

When bats hunt, they plan two bugs ahead! So cool. by @Inkfish

Amazing. Trees can trade carbon…via the fungi in their roots. @edyong209

four current science fair participants respond to @carlzimmer‘s queasiness.

Citizen Scientists Chart the Pacific’s Great Whales by @jgold85

Sci’s Coffee-Sipping round-up #28 Fri, 08 Apr 2016 18:39:14 +0000 Read More...

Not so many links this week. Sometimes life gets in the way. And when that happens? You need coffee.

coffee hug in a cup

That’s better.



Why won’t the US pay for good public transport? I’m looking at you @wmata

Mummy genomes reveal just how catastrophic European contact was for New

Even when harassment gets reported, and reported, and reported…nothing gets done. Important.

An 8-bit stats game that makes spotting correlations fun. By @edyong209 But I wonder if it increases understanding.

Stopping parachute research: Scis who parachute in to study disease…and sit on the findings when they matter most.

Diversity? What diversity? Chemistry remains white and male, with women awarded “soft” awards.

What’s holding back the future of feminine products? Men.

I wanna be like youuuuu. New King Louie is a resurrected great ape in the new Jungle


“this particular anglerfish is not the icon of male parasitism you were hoping for.”

Great insights from the professor of

Miss my links that week? Get them now, along with the math I did to compute a category 6 million hurricane.

How the media got a study about vegetarianism so very, very wrong.

The tribalism that prevents scientific collaboration across fields. How much is just…ego? A LOT.

By request. Harry Potter genetics. First as a single gene recessive trait.

Harry Potter genetics. If single gene recessive, how do you get a squib?

Serious mosquito science…spurred by a

World’s oldest kid-leash. Arthropod kept brood tied to it. 430 million years ago. By

Very few wizards in England…

What if its two unlinked genes? Still too many wizards…

How new VR tech could help chemists! I admit, I’d put on one of these to get inside a G-protein coupled receptor…


Looking forward to reading the paper itself by@jfcryan but for right now, @mocost on gut bacteria and myelin

Harvard has a great medical school…but doesn’t offer family medicine. And it’s not

My moment of “technology is wonderful” I’m just chatting with @MarkZastrow about drinkable yogurt…from opposite sides of the globe.

Sometimes I just feel how INCREDIBLY connected we are. It’s both gorgeous and kind of terrifying how much power we carry in our pockets.

Really, think about it sometime! We are so connected! If we know people there, we could talk to someone, just chat about the weather, with people anywhere in the world! That’s amazing, and sometimes I wonder if we really take full advantage of it.

A virus kills farmed fish. This and other diseases pose real dangers for our food by @edyong209

Is WebMD reliable? Well it depends on what you’re looking for and why. by@juliaoftoronto

Two journals known for industry ties have become go-to pubs for researchers minimizing risks from chemicals.

is whale-watching really as benign as it seems?

“machines are getting smarter. They’re still very dumb….But we’re teaching them. And I do mean “we.” by@roseveleth


A dead whale isn’t a carcass. It’s an

Gum disease, dangerous for more than your gums. brb, booking dentist appointment.

A few weeks ago, @rkrulwich wrote about how coal came to be. But science moves fast. Now it’s wrong. by @Laelaps

Great interview with @marynmck on the post-antibiotic future.

Why DO scientific papers cost so dang much anyway?

Wildlife markets. Not just illegal. Now also hotbeds of disease. by @jgold85

Should food be labeled with the time it takes to sweat it off?